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Good Mentors and Bad Mentors

October 9, 2020

Good mentors are important, but they are incredibly hard to find. You want to take guidance from those who have actually done what you are planning on doing – in other words, they have built a business from the ground up. Avoid current or former full time employees who are in senior or C suite […]

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The Challenges of NPNM Innovation

October 7, 2020

I’ve discussed the challenges of being an innovator in the New Product New Market (NPNM) quadrant and the risks associated with that. I’d like to take a few minutes today and expand on some of the risks and challenges. The band Kraftwerk is widely considered to be one of the cornerstones, innovators, pioneers and essentially […]

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Don’t Fish Empty Waters

October 6, 2020

I’ve mentioned in other posts that my base criteria for evaluating a business opportunity is that it has to be in a growing space, a spendy space, one that has a gap in the market you can fill, and is something you can be the best in the world at. I lived on Lake Sammamish […]

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Why Charge, How Much to Charge, and Pricing

October 3, 2020

I remember the first time I wrote a checkout system that took money from customers. It was for a paid real-time analytics product that I’d built – a few years before Google made it free with Analytics. I was using the API and was terrified. “What if I screw up the arithmetic and charge […]

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